maxwell tilse

Born and raised in Sydney since 1993

My name is Maxwell Tilse. I'm a 23 year old self taught artist from Sydney, Australia. In 2015 I moved to London and now work as a freelanced illustrator. I've always loved to draw. Always loved the silly, carefree adventures and clean aesthetics of the old style comic books. Since I was a little kid, doodling silly cartoons for my friends in primary school and collecting as many Asterix or Tintin comics as I could find.

Leaving university in Sydney, I set off backpacking. Keeping a travel diary in drawings and selling hand drawn postcards. Since then I've began to take my drawing seriously and have been building a life out of it ever since.

Predominantly I work with Indian Ink and nib, or I'll take to the streets and sketch what I see with pens. These days you'll most likely catch me on London street corner sketching my surroundings.

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